Chickin Pickin Country Lick in A- Lead Guitarist in Nashville and Music Instructor

In this video Jon shows a lick in A that would work well for country and rock. This lick incorporates a fair amount of hammer ons, slides, and bends. Jon is playing a Fender Telecaster Custom Shop 62 straight through (no pedals) a Fender Tonemaster Twin Reverb Blonde. This lick is broken down and slowed down so the student or viewer can learn it easier. 


Make sure to play this lick slowly with a metronome. Paying great attention to the hammer ons and pull offs that one needs in order to make sure that the notes are all even. 

Country Licks

Most country licks are played faster but in order to do that well, one must start playing slowly. 

Practice Dailey

Practice is what will make you better...not lessons. Lessons only give you information- it is the player that makes themselves better. A little time set aside everyday goes a long way. 

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