Neon Union- Country Duo in Nashville, TN (Jon Jimmerson Utility Player)

Beer Up- Neon Union s Single

Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Dobro for Neon Union

Jon Jimmerson plays utility for Neon Union as a guitar, pedal steel, and dobro player. 

A Little Bit About Neon Union

Jimmie Allen introduced Leo and Andrew to each other in Nashville after seeing each of them perform as solo artists. It was Jimmie's suggestion that they join forces and become the first Black & White Duo in Country music. they took Jimmie up on that idea as well as his offer to manage them with his business parter,

Aaron Benward at Jab Entertainment. 


"You either gotta be FIRST, BEST or DIFFERENT" - Loretta Lynn

Neon Union is the FIRST of its kind in Country Music. 808 kick drums married to a traditional country lyric and anthemic pop melodies show exactly what makes these guys DIFFERENT. Andrew says, "When we met we were brothers instantly." Leo responds, "Ya I was like ' Man this is gonna be damn good.' We want our music to bring people together. Neon Union is for EVERYBODY. It's different, and it's a first." So now that begs the question,

"Is Neon Union the best?" 

We'll let you be the judge. 

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