Nashville Producer for Remote Sessions and Recording

Are you an artist who is wanting to record an album? Maybe you're a songwriter and or a singer who needs a producer with the Nashville sound. JJ has more than enough connections in Nashville to make that happen. You can have all of the industry's finest on your record! These days you don't need to be in person to make an amazing record. Come to Nashville once to record vocals and everything else will be done for you. 

Christian Music/ CCM

If you are a Christian artist look no further. We can make your records sound like anything from Chris Tomlin to Phil Whickham to Elevation to Gungor...etc. 

Country/ Americana/ Folk/ Bluegrass

We can create any kind of sounds for you. We make the best country, bluegrass, folk, americana, and rootsy sounding music here in Nashville. 


Any kind of rock that you would like produced can be done for you. Alternative, classic, 60's, metal, etc. 

Recording your Album and Songs from a Remote location

There is "virtually" no need to be present at a studio anymore. You can also just focus on the things that you are good at. Whether you are a songwriter, producer, singer, or anything else we can do all of the rest. If you are a songwriter, we can find a great lead singer and musicians to play on the record. If you are a singer, you can come into town after we have produced everything you need to record your vocals. Contact us for the best-sounding record you could ever hope for. 

A music producer is traditionally the person in charge of managing the entire recording endeavor. To accomplish the objectives in the creation of the musical content, they collaborate directly with the artist and the engineers. Additionally, they are in charge of hiring studios and engineers, scheduling recordings, and maintaining budgets.

Here are some things we will help you do- 

1. Session Musicians- we have connections with all the great session players in TN. These players play with all of the superstars in the area. 

2. Songwriting- We will help you with the songwriting as well. JJ has connections with hit songwriters like Danny Myrick (She's Country by Jason Aldean), Matt Warren, Marti Fredricksen (Aerosmith, Carrie Underwood) Paul Overstreet (Randy Travis) and many more. 

3. Recording Engineering and Mastering- Don't try to mix and record your own take a lot of experience and expertise. 

4. Budgeting- We will guide you through the process of getting the best results from the budget that you have. Whether your songs are demos or final mixes we can work with whatever budget.