Kids Music Classes and Musical Education in School

Learning in a classroom setting helps kids learn how to play music and develop social skills while making friends. 
"I always loved music; who so has skill in this art is of good temperament, fitted for all things. We must teach music in schools; a schoolmaster ought to have skill in music, or I would not regard him." - Martin Luther
Experience Working with K-12

We're excited to focus primarily on guitar and ukulele lessons.

We believe that kids should learn how to read music and play by ear. Sheet music provides the fundamentals they'll need to grow while playing by ears makes learning music fun and something they can do anywhere.

The primary materials we use for instruction are:

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Multiple Classes at Multiple Location

We have multiple classes offered throughout the week and some are held at schools and others in different facilities. 

We limit our classes to 10 kids at a time to offer dedicated instruction and focus our enrollment by skill and experience rather than age. Our classes are one-hour long.

Each child is asked to bring their own guitar / ukulele to school on the day that class is held but we also bring additional guitars for kids that forget or don't have them.  

Studies have shown that musical education helps increase the academic performance of kids.

Do you run a school or learning institution interested in musical education?

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Private Lessons for Kids

Maybe having a private lesson would be a better fit for your child?

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Play in a Band

We believe that part of learning music is playing in a band with other musicians.

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