Remote Dobro Recording Session Player from Nashville for Hire

Jon Jimmerson is a session player from Nashville, TN. Wherever you are in the country, he can help you record your dobro parts for your new demo, album, track or record. JJ has a perfect setup for remote sessions and can send you tracks within a week of needing them. If you are looking for a great session dobro player for hire, contact JJ. Currently, when he is not doing sessions he is on the road with Larry Fleet. 

Live Dobro Playing in Nashville

JJ tours all over the country as well as playing in Nashville, TN.

Recording Sessions for Dobro

JJ has a wonderful remote set up for recording your favorite dobro parts. He sends them in tune, in time, well thought out parts, and with great tone. 

Solo Playing

If you need solo dobro tracks for your record, JJ can help with that. 

Remote Sessions for Dobro and Steel Playing

JJ is a producer as well as a session player. If you are in need of session work, look no further. We can record your album's favorite dobro and steel guitar parts. Jon can also record your lead guitar, acoustic, mandolin, banjo, keys, bass, and midi instrument parts that you need for the record as well. JJ usually just uses a condenser mic for recording dobro but he has a large room that is ideal for capturing the essence of the sound. 

Jon likes beard guitars/ dobros. ink-

JJ's mains square neck resonator is a Resonator R by Beard. Dobro is another word for saying square neck resonator. The word dobro is just used loosely for referring to square neck resonators. This instrument can be used in sorts of genres but is mostly associated with bluegrass, Americana, singer-songwriter, and country. If a track needs more of a Hawaiin or rock sound a lap steel might be a better choice. Wether it's dobro, lap steel, or pedal steel we will be able to help you with any genre of music that you want JJ to record on. 

It's important to find the right session player for a remote session. Recording well is an art and most people have trouble recording well in the studio with directions. That is why it takes extra care and attention for a remote session player to do well. They have to be able to be an engineer, a producer, and a refined player in order to execute a well-performed track. JJ has all the experience for this so all you need to do is reach out to him for help. 

Remote Session Steel Playing 

If you would like pedal steel playing on your track reach out to JJ and he help. 

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Remote Session Player

Whether you need guitar, steel, dobro, mandolin, etc work JJ can help you. 

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Remote Producer

If you want a producer with all of the connections and knowledge that you need to push your music forward, contact JJ. 

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Dobro Recording Sessions for Songs of all Genres 

Most of the sessions that JJ does are for professional musicians but not all of them. Most people don't know what a dobro is much less, how can it can be used in a track. Jon can give your recommendations on how to use the dobro in the track but most artists just trust him to lay down parts. If there is any feedback on the part, JJ is very open to that. Most of the time, JJ records the dobro in a larger room with higher ceiling with a condenser mic. A Beard Resonator R is the usually the axe of choice. 

Dobro Playing with Pop Country Artist Neon Union

This is a dobro solo in "Here's a Quarter" by Travis Tritt. 

Bluegrass Dobro

This is a little clip of some bluegrass dobro. 

R&B Dobro Playing

Here is an example of some R&B/ Funk dobro playing. 

                                     Dobro Indian Raga Sounds

This is a clip of JJ playing dobro in an Indian style of playing. 

Open D Dobro Playing 

This is a small clip of JJ playing in open D. 

Dobro Session Musician Online

Jon Jimmerson, known as JJ in the music world, is a true maestro when it comes to recording the dobro, showcasing an exceptional mastery of this resonator guitar. Based in the heart of musical innovation, Nashville, JJ has spent decades refining his craft and has become a go-to figure in the city's vibrant music scene. His expertise in capturing the essence of the dobro's unique sound has made him a sought-after talent in studios and on stages alike.

JJ's nuanced understanding of the dobro's intricacies is a testament to his dedication. Whether coaxing warm, mellow hums from sustained notes or delivering sharp, resonant twangs from plucked strings, JJ's keen ear for detail ensures that every recording is a sonic masterpiece that pays homage to the dobro's rich heritage.

Beyond technical skill, JJ brings a soulful and emotive quality to his dobro recordings. His ability to convey a wide range of emotions through the instrument is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether interpreting the melancholy strains of a bluesy ballad or infusing the upbeat joy of a lively folk tune, JJ's dobro recordings are infused with a genuine, heartfelt expression that resonates deeply with listeners.

Not only a studio virtuoso, but JJ also shares his musical talents on the road, touring with the acclaimed Larry Fleet. Their collaborative performances showcase not only JJ's individual skill but also his ability to seamlessly integrate his dobro playing into various musical contexts. His versatility and collaborative spirit make JJ a standout artist in the world of dobro, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of acoustic music, both in Nashville and beyond.

Dobro Recording Session Musician/ Player


A square neck dobro refers to a resonator guitar, specifically designed to be played in a lap steel or slide guitar style. The "square neck" designation refers to the shape of the neck, which is usually squared off and wider compared to the rounded neck found on standard guitars. This design allows the player to comfortably lay the guitar flat on their lap while playing with a steel or glass slide.

Dobros, including square neck models, are commonly associated with various genres of music. Here are some genres where square neck dobros are frequently used:

  1. Bluegrass: Square neck dobros are a staple in bluegrass music, providing a distinctive sound that complements the acoustic instruments commonly found in bluegrass ensembles.

  2. Country: In country music, particularly in the subgenre of country and western, square neck dobros are employed for their warm and resonant tones, adding a unique flavor to the genre.

  3. Blues: The slide guitar style of playing on a square neck dobro makes it well-suited for blues music. It's often used to create soulful, sliding melodies that are characteristic of the blues genre.

  4. Folk and Americana: Dobros, including square neck models, find a place in folk and Americana music, contributing a rootsy and authentic sound to these genres.

  5. Slide Guitar Styles: Beyond specific genres, square neck dobros are versatile instruments that can be used in various slide guitar styles. Musicians may incorporate them into different genres, experimenting with slide techniques to create unique sounds.

It's important to note that while square neck dobros are versatile, their design makes them particularly well-suited for lap-style playing with a slide. This characteristic defines their sound and distinguishes them from other types of guitars. Musicians across different genres appreciate the expressive and resonant qualities that square neck dobros bring to their music.