Nashville Session Player/Recording 

JJ is an accomplished steel and utility player renowned for his exceptional musical prowess in the country music scene. With an impressive background in playing steel for Larry Fleet contributing his skills in pedal steel, lap steel, guitar and dobro to create the distinctive sounds that define Larry's music. His versatility as a utility player further adds depth to the band's sonic landscape, showcasing his ability to adapt to various musical styles and requirements.

In addition to his role with Larry Fleet, JJ has demonstrated his musical expertise as a member of Neon Union, a collaboration with Andrew Millsaps and Leo Brooks. Leo Brooks, known for his role as the music director for Pitbull, attests to JJ's ability to deliver outstanding performances in diverse musical genres. JJ's extensive experience includes sharing the stage with acclaimed artists such as Shay Mooney, Cowboy Troy, Danny Myrick, Matt Hall, Paul Overstreet, Marty Fredrickson, and the iconic Carrie Underwood. This impressive roster of collaborations reflects JJ's reputation as a sought-after steel guitarist, garnering recognition among industry peers and music enthusiasts alike.

Beyond live performances, JJ has established himself as a seasoned touring musician, traversing various stages to bring his musical talents to audiences worldwide. His involvement in recording sessions further highlights his proficiency, showcasing his skills not only as a steel guitarist but also as a guitarist. With a rich and diverse musical background, JJ stands as a testament to his dedication and contribution to the vibrant world of country music.

Dobro Session Work

If you need dobro on your bluegrass, country, singer-songwriter, etc song  

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Pedal Steel Recording

JJ is a very versatile steel guitarist. No matter the genre, he can record for you. 

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Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recording

Wether it be rock, country, americana, jazz, etc, JJ is your guy. 

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The steel guitar is a type of guitar that is played horizontally, with the strings facing upward, using a slide or a metal bar to fret the strings. There are different variations of steel guitars, including pedal steel, lap steel, and dobro, each with its unique features:

  1. Pedal Steel Guitar: This type of steel guitar is equipped with pedals and knee levers that allow the player to change the pitch of certain strings while playing, creating a smooth and fluid sound. Pedal steel guitars are often used in country and western music.

  2. Lap Steel Guitar: Played on the player's lap, this type of steel guitar typically has a solid body and is played with a metal or glass slide. It produces a distinctive smooth and gliding sound. Lap steel guitars are used in various genres, including blues and Hawaiian music.

  3. Dobro: Short for "Dopyera Brothers," the dobro is a type of resonator guitar with a metal resonator cone. It is played with a slide and is known for its distinctive metallic and twangy sound. Dobros are often used in bluegrass and folk music.

The steel guitar's unique playing style and the ability to produce sliding and bending notes contribute to its characteristic sound, making it a popular choice in various musical genres.

Pedal Steel Session Player for Hire

Dobro and Mandolin Session Player for Hire

Acoustic Guitar Session Player for Hire

Nashville Session Player 

In the dynamic world of music, session players are the unsung heroes who bring depth and versatility to a recording. Among these gems is JJ, a true virtuoso who stands out as a one-stop-shop for a wide array of instruments. From the soulful twang of the pedal steel to the intricate melodies of the mandolin, JJ is a maestro capable of weaving musical magic across a spectrum of genres.

Pedal Steel Mastery:

At the heart of JJ's instrumental prowess is his mastery of the pedal steel guitar. This iconic instrument, known for its emotive, sliding tones, finds its perfect interpreter in JJ. Whether it's adding a touch of country warmth or crafting ethereal soundscapes, JJ's pedal steel work is unparalleled, making him a sought-after session player in the industry.

Lap Steel, Dobro, and Acoustic Guitar Wizardry:

JJ's musical dexterity extends beyond the pedal steel. His expertise in playing the lap steel and dobro brings a rich tapestry of textures to any recording. The resonant tones of the lap steel and the earthy warmth of the dobro create a sonic palette that adds depth and character to the music. Additionally, JJ's nimble fingers find a home on the acoustic guitar, where he effortlessly navigates through various styles, from fingerpicking to strumming.

Electric Guitar Excellence:

Transitioning seamlessly to the electric guitar, JJ showcases a different facet of his skill set. Whether it's crafting intricate solos, laying down solid rhythm tracks, or experimenting with effects for atmospheric soundscapes, JJ's electric guitar work is marked by precision and creativity. His ability to adapt to different genres and play with nuance makes him an invaluable asset in any recording session.

Versatility Across Instruments:

Beyond the stringed instruments, JJ's versatility extends to keys, banjo, mandolin, and synth. While he may not be the primary player on these instruments, his serviceable proficiency ensures that he can contribute meaningful layers to a recording. This adaptability makes JJ a go-to session player, as he seamlessly integrates with the musical vision of any project.

The JJ Touch:

What sets JJ apart is not just his technical proficiency but also his ability to infuse emotion into every note he plays. Whether he's bending a steel string or coaxing a melody from a synth, JJ's musicality shines through, leaving a lasting impression on every recording he touches.

Live Performances and Collaborations:

JJ's musical journey extends beyond the studio, as he frequently takes to the road, playing for Larry Fleet and having shared stages with luminaries such as Carrie Underwood. His on-the-road experience adds another layer to his expertise, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences and adapt his skills to the dynamic energy of live performances. JJ's contributions to the success of Neon Union and his current role with Larry Fleet underscore his status as a sought-after live and studio musician.

In the world of session players, JJ stands tall as a true multi-instrumental virtuoso. His expertise spans the vast landscape of stringed instruments, from the pedal steel to the mandolin, and extends into the realm of keys, banjo, and synth. JJ's ability to seamlessly integrate into any musical setting, coupled with his emotive playing style, makes him the ultimate one-stop-shop for artists and producers looking to elevate their sound. As the unsung hero behind countless recordings and a seasoned road warrior, JJ's musical fingerprints grace the tracks of innumerable artists, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of music.

More Info on Steel Guitar Recording

Jon Jimmerson can record and play Pedal Steel, Dobro, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Keys/ Piano, and Mandolin on your song and or album. 
Steel Guitarist for Recording Steel Guitar
JJ is a steel guitarist based out of Nashville, TN. He has a studio where he sends the majority of his sessions from. Jon is a studio pedal steel player you can play anything from country to rock to Americana to singer-songwriter. He would be a great fit if you are looking for a steel guitarist for your album, single, or song. 

Derby D10 and Show Pro Loyd Green

JJ has several different steel guitars but his favorites are his Derby and his Show Pro, the Shopro is great for singer-songwriter/ CCM and worship music while the Derby is great for everything else whether it be country, rock, Americana, etc. Jon also plays Lap Steel Guitar which is perfect for Blues and Rock. His main lap steel is a Magnatone from 1952. 

Recording Steel Guitar

One of those uncommon instruments that most people have heard of but have no idea what it is is the pedal steel guitar. The instrument's distinctive tone can be heard on innumerable recordings and performances on stages all over the world. The pedal steel guitar is less mysterious than it appears, despite the fact that it is comparatively unfamiliar among listeners.

Recording Steel Guitar Overdubs Session Player

So how does the Pedal Steel Guitar work? 

The foot pedals' rods pull on a cross rod that is fastened to the steel guitar's chassis when a player depresses the pedals. Pull rods that extend to the changer mechanism close to the pedal steel's bridge or pickup area are attached to this cross rod. Individual changer fingers and springs are connected to these pull rods, which push, pull, or release the strings that are fastened to the bridge. The pitches of a single string or a group of strings can be raised or decreased in this way.

Why Should You Use a Professional Steel Guitarist for your Track?

It takes expert-level musicianship and high learning speed to be a successful session musician. This necessitates ongoing, consistent practice. People skills: Session musicians work with a wide range of people in addition to marketing themselves. JJ has over 15 years of session experience. He will send you clean, well-tunes, rich tone, perfect part-type tracks for your single. 

Guitar- Lead and Acoustic 

Jon can record all the guitars on your album. This includes acoustic, lead/ electric, and slide guitar. He has a variety of amps and can access any sounds that you need for your track. 

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Pedal Steel 

JJ has been playing pedal steel for over 10 years and has a repertoire that expands to any genre- country, folk, blues, hip hop, rap, americana, pop, rock, and many more. 

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Dobro/ Lap Steel

Jon plays both lap steel and dobro. He is well versed in both and can adapt either instrument to any song and style. 

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Nashville Musician for Pedal Steel, Dobro, and Guitar

Reach out to JJ if you have needs for recording/ session playing, touring, or live playing.

In the realm of music production, session players serve as the unsung heroes behind many of our favorite tracks, providing the rich textures and intricate melodies that elevate a song to greatness. Among these virtuosos are those who specialize in the diverse family of stringed instruments – pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, and dobro. These musicians possess a unique skill set and versatility, seamlessly transitioning between instruments to meet the creative demands of various recording sessions.

At the heart of this multifaceted role is adaptability. Session players fluent in pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, and dobro must possess not only technical prowess but also a deep understanding of musical styles spanning country, blues, rock, folk, and beyond. Each instrument carries its own sonic signature and playing technique, requiring an intuitive grasp of tone, phrasing, and expression. Whether crafting the weeping, emotive wails of a pedal steel, the soulful slides of a lap steel, the driving rhythms of an electric guitar, or the twangy resonance of a dobro, these musicians navigate the intricacies of each instrument with finesse and finesse. Their ability to seamlessly integrate these sounds into a cohesive musical tapestry is what makes them invaluable assets in the studio, breathing life into compositions and enhancing the sonic landscape with their unparalleled expertise.

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Fast and Great Session Work for Online Recordings 

JJ, a seasoned session musician hailing from the vibrant musical hub of Nashville, Tennessee, stands as a testament to the fusion of talent and technology in the modern music industry. Renowned for his exceptional speed and prowess in session work, JJ has carved a niche for himself as a go-to musician for artists around the globe.

Specializing in an array of instruments, JJ's arsenal includes the soulful wails of the pedal steel, the resonant tones of the lap steel, the twang of the dobro, the electrifying lead guitar, and the soothing strums of the acoustic guitar. His versatility allows him to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of musical genres, making him a sought-after collaborator for artists across the musical spectrum.

What sets JJ apart is not just his instrumental mastery but also his ability to collaborate remotely. Through the power of the internet, JJ has transformed the traditional session musician role, making it possible for artists worldwide to benefit from his skillful contributions. Musicians and producers can simply send their tracks to JJ, and in return, they receive expertly crafted, emotive performances that elevate their compositions to new heights.

JJ's efficiency in delivering top-notch session work is unmatched. With a keen ear for detail and a deep understanding of musical nuances, he brings a level of artistry to each project that leaves a lasting impact. Whether it's infusing a soulful pedal steel solo, adding the perfect touch on a lap steel passage, or crafting intricate lead guitar lines, JJ's contributions enhance the overall sonic tapestry of any song.

Beyond his instrumental prowess, JJ also brings a wealth of production experience to the table. His keen sense of arrangement and production aesthetics ensures that every element in a track blends seamlessly, creating a polished and cohesive final product. This multifaceted skill set makes JJ an invaluable asset to artists looking not only for exceptional instrumentation but also for a holistic approach to music production.

JJ's extensive network within the Nashville music scene further enhances the quality of his work. With connections to some of the industry's best players and musicians, he can bring in top-tier collaborators to complement his contributions, resulting in a musical synergy that is truly extraordinary.

In the hands of JJ, your record or song doesn't just receive a session musician's touch; it undergoes a transformation into a sonic masterpiece. His dedication to excellence, combined with his efficient workflow and global accessibility, positions JJ as a standout figure in the world of session musicianship, offering artists the opportunity to collaborate with a true virtuoso, no matter where they are on the map.

Check Out JJ's Youtube Channel

JJ has plenty of steel guitar examples on youtube. Check it out!


Lap Steel Guitarist for Touring and Session Work

Check out some of JJ's Lap Steel Playing on his Youtube channel

Youtube Lap Steel Guitarist

Touring Professional and Session Player

JJ has a wide variety of experiences, artists and genres that he has played with and for. 

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JJ is a highly skilled pedal steel and lap steel musician who has made a significant mark in the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Tennessee. With a deep passion for country and Americana music, JJ has become a sought-after talent, contributing his exceptional skills to various musical endeavors. One of his major roles is touring with the acclaimed country artist Larry Fleet, where JJ's mastery of the pedal steel and lap steel adds a distinctive and emotive dimension to the live performances.

Beyond his touring commitments, JJ is a seasoned session musician, lending his unique sound to countless recording projects in Nashville's renowned studios. His ability to infuse a song with soulful, twangy melodies and intricate steel guitar arrangements has made him a go-to player for producers and artists looking to capture the authentic essence of traditional country music. JJ's versatility allows him to navigate through different musical genres, making him a valuable asset in the recording studio.

JJ also shares his expertise by teaching music, passing on his knowledge and passion for the pedal steel and lap steel to aspiring musicians. His dedication to education not only contributes to the preservation of these unique musical traditions but also fosters a new generation of talented players who will carry the torch forward. Whether through one-on-one lessons or workshops, JJ's commitment to teaching underscores his desire to nurture a community of musicians who appreciate and contribute to the rich tapestry of Nashville's musical heritage. In doing so, JJ plays a vital role in shaping the future of steel guitar music in Music City.

Before establishing himself as a prominent figure in Nashville's music scene, JJ's journey in the world of music began on the West Coast. Hailing from Sacramento and the Bay Area in California, JJ built a thriving music career that laid the foundation for his later successes. Recognized for his exceptional skills on the pedal steel and lap steel, he became a fixture in the local music scene, captivating audiences with his emotive performances.

JJ's commitment to music education led him to establish JJ Music, a music school that became a hub for aspiring musicians in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Through his school, JJ not only provided instrumental lessons but also fostered a sense of community among students, creating a supportive environment for musical growth.

In addition to his work in education, JJ made a name for himself on the professional circuit in California. He played a pivotal role in various local bands, honing his craft and gaining invaluable experience as a live performer. His reputation as a standout steel guitar player began to spread beyond the region, catching the attention of fellow musicians and industry professionals.

Eventually, JJ's musical journey led him to the country music capital, Nashville, where he continued to build upon the success he had achieved on the West Coast. While his roots in California remain a crucial part of his musical identity, JJ's contributions to the vibrant Nashville music scene have solidified his place as a respected pedal steel and lap steel musician, session player, and music educator.

JJ: The Ultimate Versatile Pedal Steel Session Player for Hire

In the world of music production, finding the right session player can make or break a project. Whether you're working on a country hit, a blues track, or an acoustic ballad, the quality and versatility of your session musician are paramount. Enter JJ, the perfect session player for all your pedal steel, lap steel, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, mandolin, dobro, and producing needs. Unlike the players you might find on Fiverr, Airgigs, and other platforms, JJ is a one-stop shop for all your musical requirements, providing a level of expertise and versatility that sets him apart from the rest.

Master of Pedal Steel and Beyond

JJ is renowned for his exceptional skill on the pedal steel guitar. This instrument, with its rich, emotive tones, is crucial in genres like country, blues, and Americana. JJ's mastery over the pedal steel is unparalleled; his ability to draw out the instrument's full expressive potential makes him a standout player. But his talents don't stop there.

A Versatile Multi-Instrumentalist

JJ's musical abilities extend far beyond the pedal steel guitar. He is equally proficient on lap steel, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, mandolin, and dobro. This versatility allows him to seamlessly blend into any musical setting, providing exactly the right sound and feel that your project needs. His acoustic guitar playing is as soulful and nuanced as his lead guitar solos are electrifying. On the mandolin and dobro, JJ brings a unique texture that can elevate any track, adding layers of depth and character.

The Complete Package: Producer and Musician

What truly sets JJ apart is his expertise as a producer. He understands the intricacies of music production, from arrangement to mixing, ensuring that every element of your track is perfectly balanced and polished. JJ's experience in producing means he can offer valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your music, making him not just a session player, but a true collaborator.

Why JJ Over Fiverr and Airgigs Musicians?

While platforms like Fiverr and Airgigs offer a plethora of musicians for hire, JJ provides an unmatched level of professionalism and quality. Here’s why JJ stands out:

  1. Comprehensive Skill Set: Unlike many session players who specialize in just one instrument, JJ offers a wide range of musical skills. This means you don’t have to hire multiple musicians for different instruments, saving time and ensuring consistency in your project.

  2. Production Expertise: JJ’s production skills mean he can contribute far more than just instrumental tracks. He can help shape the overall sound of your project, providing a cohesive and polished final product.

  3. Proven Track Record: JJ’s experience and reputation speak for themselves. He has worked on numerous successful projects, earning the trust and admiration of artists and producers alike.

  4. Personalized Service: When you hire JJ, you get personalized attention and dedication to your project. He takes the time to understand your vision and works closely with you to bring it to life.

For any musician or producer looking to hire a session player, JJ is the ultimate choice. His extraordinary skill on the pedal steel and a host of other instruments, combined with his production expertise, make him a unique and invaluable asset. Rather than sifting through numerous profiles on Fiverr or Airgigs, make the smart choice and hire JJ for a seamless, professional, and musically enriching experience. With JJ, you’re not just hiring a musician; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to making your music the best it can be.