Special Education Bands/Lessons

At JJ Music we seek to provide music opportunities for special needs kids and adults. 

Special Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for kids and adults with special needs. 

Special Karaoke 

Special Karaoke is an opportunity for kids and adults to sing in front of their peers and perform. 

Special Bands

Special Bands is a great place for kids and adults to learn how to play their instrument/ or sing together. 
Special Ed Bands and Music Programs

We are determined to give everyone a music education. This includes those in our special needs community, both adults and kids. We have three programs in place for this:

  • Private lessons - one-on-one lessons that are 30 minutes each. This can be done in person or online.
  • Special karaoke - a great opportunity for kids and adults to learn how to sing. This is one of our favorite programs since it emphasizes performance and singing for all ages. The kids and adults absolutely love singing in front of one another and there are several concerts and gigs every year so they can all get together and have a wonderful time!
  • Special bands - All instrumentation is included.  Just like with special karaoke we have several gigs/ concerts a year where all the kids and adults get together and perform for one another. This is probably the most meaningful and life-fulfilling program that JJ Music offers.