Worship Team Mentoring, Coaching, and Producing

At JJ Music, we feel called to help mentor, coach, and produce worship teams into being better. We love to partner with churches in raising the musical and spiritual standards of their teams. JJ Music is based out of Nashville and Franklin, TN. 

Spiritual Direction and Discipleship 

Both Jonathan and Scott offer spiritual direction and discipleship for worship team members and pastors. They are on call for anything and everything that comes up. 

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Music Coaching and Directing 

Jon provides a training for the team members bother instrumental and vocal. 

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On Going Worship Mentoring

The team is committed to on going music mentorship and helping. Both Jonathan and Scott partner in doing this. 

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What is church music mentorship look like?  

There are several phases involved in music mentorship. Below is the list of each phase-

1. Phone and Email- First, we start with a series of phone calls and emails to learn more about the needs of the church. These conversations will be had with lead pastor, worship team leads, and/or elders. 
Worship Assessment- We assess the status and expertise of a Sunday morning service. We identify the areas that the team excels in and establish targets for progress. A few examples of areas that we assess are- spiritual formation, sound quality, musicianship, public speaking, order of service, songs selection, flow of service, use of technology, etc. After this assessment is written out it is presented to the leadership of the church. The assessment includes a strategy that myself and Scott will take in order to move the team forward. If the assessment/plan of action looks good to the leadership, we proceed. The development plan cost is $1,500. If the leadership decides not move on to the next steps, the development plan can still be used to move the production and spiritual formation forward without Jon and Scott. 
Video Assessment- Both Scott and Jonathan will watch a series of Sunday services and assess what areas of growth the worship team and church need to improve on. Examples of expertise to be emphasized and areas of development needed will be extracted and shared from the assessment. 

2. Virtual or In Person Training- This phase can be online (which is cheaper) or in person. Each functional area of the team will receive a customized lesson on how to improve in their craft (guitar, keys, singing, sound, congregational interaction, etc). A series of workshops are offered in order to challenge the team to improve. These workshops include- talking in-between songs, how to lead rehearsals, developing a good set list, how to improve on your instrument/voice, spiritual development, and other customized workshops for your church. 
Worship Camp- this can be in person or online. It will consist of video coaching, one on one lessons with each functional area, and where necessary, single-session, personal counseling, etc. There are several different kinds of packets that work for this program but the recommendation is a three day intensive consisting of practices, trainings, and a possible Sunday service. It is important to note that both Jon and Scott do not lead the team and church in worship, they simply coach the team to be the best possible group they can be. For example, if you are in between worship pastors and your team is volunteer led, the focus will be to bring out the best gifting and musicality your current team possesses. 

3. Ongoing Mentorship- From that day forward, ongoing mentorship may be established. Both Scott and Jon will be available as the schedule allows for online meetings and phone conversations concerning the Sunday service planning. 

Ongoing Mentorship and Involvement- Scott and Jon are dedicated to mentoring students of worship and worship pastors to fulfill their gifting and calling. Scott in particular is available for on going conversation and mentorship for those leading in worship. Scott is a pastoral counselor [MAPC, MDiv] as well as experienced musician. Scott is dedicated to mentoring and coaching those in worship and in the pastorate. Both Scott and Jon are dedicated to being on call (as schedule allows) for help concerning set list planning, spirituality, church reconciliation, brief counseling, spiritual formation, recruiting, rehearsal prep, etc. This involvement plan is included with a suggested donation of $200 a month.

So- How much will it cost? 
Stage 1 is $1500. Stages 2 costs $2,000 for online and $3,500 for in-person. The price for in person does not include travel expenses and lodging. For phase 3, a suggested donation is made for $200 a month.