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Private Music Lessons Can Be Matched to Your Child's Needs, Learning Style and Pace
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What Materials Do We Use and What is Our Philosophy? 

We're excited to offer lessons for guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, voice, music theory, and drums. 

We believe that kids should learn how to read music and play by ear. Sheet music provides the fundamentals they'll need to grow while playing by ears makes learning music fun and something they can do anywhere.

The primary materials we use for instruction are:

Multi-Instrumental Lessons

We have found that bringing other instruments into our lessons helps increase the focus and attention of our students throughout their guitar, bass guitar, piano, and ukulele lessons. 

Each child is asked to bring their own guitar/ukulele to school on the day the lesson is held but we also bring additional guitars for kids that forget or don't have them. 

Kids Want to Try Different Things 

It's very common for students to want to try different instruments after playing one and that is totally fine. We believe that the objective of learning music is to play music and that instruments are simply tools used to accomplish that. We teach a variety of instruments including advanced guitar/ mandolin/ pedal steel/ bass and beginner drums/ piano/ keyboards. We, therefore, offer to teach more than one instrument if the students want to learn in the same lesson.

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Music Classes

Would you or your child prefer learning music in a classroom setting?

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Play in a Band

We believe that part of learning music is playing in a band with other musicians.

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