Remote/ Online Session Guitarist for Lead and Acoustic Guitars for Hire

If you are in need of a great session player for acoustic and lead guitar look no further. JJ is well-versed in many different genres. Whether you need guitar parts for country, pop, rock, alternative, bluegrass, folk, Christian, or anything else, we can help you. Hiring the right session guitarist for your record is a big decision. Remote recording especially takes experience and knowledge. JJ can help you record the best guitar sounds for your record, album, demo, or track. 

Rock Session Guitarist 

Whatever rock genre you are into, we can record the guitar parts for you. 

Lead Session Guitarist

JJ can do alternative rock guitar sounds wether they be fuzz like the Black Keys, Radiohead, etc. 

Christian Session Guitarist 

If you need session guitar playing for your CCM tracks, look no further. 

Country Rock Session Guitarist

If you need Country Rock Session work, JJ cam get you those sounds similar to the Aldean and Brantley Gilbert songs. 

Session Lead and Acoustic Guitarist for Remote Recording/ Online 

If you are looking to hire a guitarist for your record, look no further than JJ. Wether you are needing acoustic or electric guitar we can help you. Jon knows how to work both into his mixes and make them work according to what is needed. Guitar dubs and tracks take a lot of work and experience to do well. It isn't enough to just record some parts that sound good. They have to be well thought out, recorded clean, in time/ in tune, doubled, harmonized in some cases, etc. In many way, recording guitars is like recording an orchestra so having a good variety in the studio is important.

JJ has access to all the appropriate instruments/ guitars and amps that are needed to accomplish this. More than anything, Jon loves to use Fender, Gretsch, and Gibson for electric/ lead guitar sounds and Martin/ Gibson for acoustic sounds. He also uses a variety of amps such as Fender, Friedman, Supro, Vox and many more. JJ can play whatever guitar work you need and want for your record/ album/ song/ or demo. 

What Should you Know When you contact Jon Jimmerson? 

You can identify what genres and guitar inspirations you want when contacting JJ. However, Jon can always listen to your rough mix and let you know what the song really need. Either way, it fine. If you can to mention inspirations like Brent Mason, Jimi Page, the Edge (U2), Hillsong, ACDC, Black Keys, Merle Haggard, etc. that can help but it is not necessary. 

How many tracks will I get when JJ sends me the final renders? 

It depends. Usually, JJ will send several different renders as far as complexity starting with very basic/ simple and getting more involved. This is especially true for the instrumental solo sections of the song. He will also send you tracks that are rendered wet and dry so you can pick and choose. This can range for many to few depending on the needs of the track. Jon can let you know once he here's your rough render. 

Folk/ Bluegrass Guitar

If you are interested in country/ bluegrass/ americana guitar sound look no further. 

Pop and Rock Guitars

Guitar sounds for pop and rock music takes thoughtful parts. 

Alternative Original Music

If you have original music and is unique, JJ thinks outside of the box. 

Acoustic Guitar and Dobro for Country Music

JJ can record acoustic guitar parts as well dobro, steel, electric, mando, etc. 

Acoustic Guitar Remote and Online Session Work 

Recording acoustic guitar is an art. If you have never done it you'll need to develop some skill sets. JJ used condenser mics for recording his acoustic. He also adds mandolin parts that are simple on top of the tracks to fill the sound. JJ will double acoustics in order to get a full sound in the track. He also has tall ceilings and hardwood flooring which compliment acoustics very well. For the most part, JJ loves Martin guitars but he will use Taylors and Gibson from time to time. He can add midi instrumentation to the track if that is needed as well. In addition to acoustic guitar, JJ plays lead, pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, bass, keys, mandolin, banjo, and midi orchestration/ synth. Below are examples of the some of those things that he does. 

Slide Guitar 

If you are needing a slide guitarist for a session JJ can help. These could be for sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, etc. 

JJ playing with Nashville Hit Songwriters

This is a video of JJ playing with Danny Myrick, Matt Warren, David Lee, and Aaron Benward. 

Classic Rock Session Guitarist

JJ likes to amps like Friedman (marshall type) and Supro to get great classic rock tones. 

Online Electric/ Lead Guitarist for Hire 

Being a lead guitarist now a days is like being a composer. Players have to know how to overdub and harmonize very well. They also need to have a variety of guitars, amps, pedals, and mics to accomplish all of the different types of sounds that may be requested to play. One needs to know how to layer guitar parts and discern what a track really needs. Using a baritone guitar to compliment other parts for example can help a track immensely. 

For the most part, every session lead guitarist should have the appropriate arsenal of guitars, amps, and pedals. Guitar wise, they need to have brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, etc. Amp wise- Fender, Marshall, Vox, etc. The list of pedals would just be up to the player but a variety of overdrive, fuzz, delay, reverb, modulation, tremolo, wah, etc. pedals would not hurt. As long as a session player has a decent room to record in, an sm57 could be all they need to record quality parts even though more mic options would be nice. Having a great room to record in is vital though. JJ love to record his guitar amps in room with high ceilings and hardwood floors.  

Southern Rock Lead Guitar Session

Here is a recording of a southern rock vibe. 

Alternative Rock Music 

This is a clip of JJ recording an alternative rock for a client using a Gretsch TN Rose. 

Fuzz Guitar Session

This is a fuzz type session using a fuzzface for a lead guitar sound. 

Acoustic Session Guitarist for Hire 

Do you need a great acoustic session player? For most kinds of music, an acoustic guitar can be the foundation of the track. JJ is a guitarist for hire in Nashville, TN for session work and recording. Wether you need bluegrass, singerwongwriter, rock, country, worship, etc. session guitar work we can help. Jon has a whole studio set up for acoustic playing and recording. 

Why should I pay for session players? Wouldn't my band be good enough? 

Your band might be good enough but in most causes they are not. It takes a lot of work to get a group sounding good in a recording. Being a great live player is not the same as being a great studio musician. Some live players are better at playing live than some studio players. It does take a certain level of knowledge and experience though to play in a recording well. Everything from timing, to tuning, to tone, etc. is exposed in a recording. This can affect performance. Great studio players have been used throughout the years to guarantee that time and money is never wasted. Therefore, hiring a professional session player may actually save you money in the long run. They are quicker and therefore, take up less studio time recording parts that you will love for years to come. 

Lead Guitar Recording Sessions

Medium overdriven guitar sound with a Les Paul. 

                 Guitarist in Nashville, TN

JJ plays all over Nashville and on tour. He can connect you with some of the greatest players around. 

Lead/ Electric Guitar Session Musician

JJ can play all kinds of music genres. Anything you need session wise, he can help with.