Pedal Steel Private Virtual Lessons

Online Private Lessons for Steel Guitar

Private Lessons for Pedal Steel Guitar Online

Do you need pedal steel guitar lessons? We provide an online experience that is perfect for learners. JJ has taught music for over 16 years. The online experience works really well for learning pedal steel guitar. Most areas in the US do not have a teacher local who can teach steel guitar. Most steel guitar teachers are also very hard to understand and follow. JJ can teach you the steel guitar in a way that is easy to understand. 

How Expensive is a Pedal Guitar?

Pedal Steel guitars can be very expensive. Reach out to JJ and let him know you are interested in a pedal steel guitar. He will help point you in the right direction. If you can avoid being a start steel guitar (like a ShoBud Maverick) do so and get a more professional one. You can buy a used one off the pedal steel forum

or you can buy in your local area off of craigslist. If you can afford to buy it used, that would be best. A few great companies are- Sho Pro (really great) , Sho-Bud, MSA, Mullen (one of the best), Franklin (amazing), Zum, Sierra, and many more. 

How Hard is it to Learn the Pedal Steel Guitar?

It is also among the hardest instruments in the world to learn. It takes a tremendous amount of foresight just to set up the pedals and levers. There are numerous common tunings. Its strings typically appear in a strange arrangement.

Learning the Pedal Steel Guitar online using Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Etc.

The most challenging aspect of studying and playing pedal steel guitar is how much physical coordination is needed in addition to its musical elements. It is challenging to play notes on the instrument precisely since a player typically utilizes both feet and both legs to simultaneously manipulate the foot pedals, volume pedal, and knee levers.

Virtual Private Lessons for Steel Guitar

For the reasons above, you probably need a teacher. Reach out to JJ for more information on getting lessons :) 

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