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Forever Follow Me- CCM Christian Worship Nashville Music... This is a song that Jon Jimmerson produced for an artist- Ronnie Mills. This is CCM/ Worship material. 
Pedal Steel Player in Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee JJ is a pedal steel player who lives in Franklin, TN. Pedal steel is one of the primary instruments that he plays. 
Fender Deluxe Custom 64 Handwired with Nash Telecaster a... Rock N Brews in Sacramento....playing with Megan T Smith "Even Jesus Drank Wine"
Paul Franklin Pedal Steel Nashville Interview Paul Franklin is arguably the greatest modern innovator of the pedal steel guitar. Like his hero, Buddy Emmons, he has taken the pedal s...
Pedal Steel Player Nashville- Derby D10Derby D10 Double Neck #derbypedalsteel #derbyd10pedalsteel #e9thpedalsteel #pedalsteelderby #nashvillepedalsteelplayers #nashvillemoder...