Worship Camp/ Intensive Training 

This intensive training is designed to boost the musical leadership and spiritual development of your ministry team :) 
Boost the Professionalism of Your Team 

As stated before, this can be in person or online. The online version would consist of video coaching, one on one lessons with each member of the worship team, counseling, etc. There are several different kinds of packets that work for this program but the recommendation is a three day consisting of practices trainings, and possible Sunday service. It is important to note that both Jon and Scott do not lead the team and church in worship, they simply coach the team to be the best possible team they can be. A great example of this would be if you are in between worship pastors and your team is volunteer lead- they can come in and bring out the best sounds and abilities that your current team can produce. Jon can also help in writing songs for your church. 

Jon Jimmerson is the primary leader for this role. He has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Jon has done everything in ministry from planting a church in the bay area of California to leading worship for a variety of denominations, to being an executive pastor, to being an overseas missionary, etc. 

Jon in based out of Nashville, Tennessee where he primarily tours and does session work (recording). He is also a recording artists and has started a variety of music schools in California and Tennessee. Jon and his wife Selby also own a hair salon in Folsom, CA called the Parlor Salon. 

A Few Albums Jon has Produced 
(these are his own works that he has produced not projects that he is involved with others on)

O What a Savior 

Contemporary Christian Music
All Sons and Daughters influence  

Forever Follow Me 

Contemporary Christian Music 
Tauren Wells types sounds

God is Faithful 

Folk and Americana Worship 

Hymn Medley 

Hymns Acoustic, Bluegrass, Folk