Modern and RnB Dobro Player in Franklin, TN (Session Musician)

Last Updated 12/28/2022in Nashville Dobro Player

Open D Hipshot Beard Resonator R Squareneck Resonator. Jon Jimmerson can make the dobro fit into any kind of music. He can also use lap steel for a variety of sounds. Jon resides is Franklin, TN where he plays music with some of the most influential musicians in the country. He plays a Beard Resonator R primary. In addition to dobro, Jon also play lap steel, pedal steel, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and keys. He also sings background vocals. 

The dobro can be used to play a variety of genres and sounds. Most people think of bluegrass and country when they think of a dobro. However, the dobro is great of pretty much any type of songwriting and composition. It's great for rock, jazz, variety of fusion, etc. Jon has played in all kinds of bands many that are Rock, Country and Americana. 

Pedals are also useful with dobro and Jon is not afraid to use a pedal board. Some pedals Jon loves to use with the dobro are- Fishman Jerry Douglas, Timmy Overdrive for dirty tones, Fishman ToneEQ, Goodrich active volume, Boss RV5, POG, Boss Octave, and the Peterson Strobo Stomp. with open D tuning Jon can play sounds that work very well for rock and RnB. The open D allows for low power chords and sustaining leads. Basically, it can easily replicate a regular electric guitar plus it has all the sustain to go with it. 

Beard and Shreehorn are the best dobros in the market and Jon's opinion. Another guitar dobro player in Nashville is Scotty Murray. Of course, Jerry Douglas, Rob Ickes, and Josh Smith are some of the best players but Scotty Murray is more of an unknown talent that absolutely kills. 

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