Rock and Roll Lead Guitarist in Franklin, TN (Rock- Classic, Alternative, Indie, 90's, Modern, etc) Metal

Last Updated 12/12/2022in Nashville Guitarist/ Guitar Player

Jon Jimmerson Tom Neely Cat Higgins Paul Valmassy at the Rellick Tavern. 
This is a clip of a live show in Benicia, Ca. This is rock and Roll by Led Zepplin and the solo is somewhat note for note. 
Jon plays all genres of rock including- metal, hard, alternative, 90's, grunge, 60s to modern, indie and many more. He plays through plexi, vox, and fender amps some of which include Friedman Smallbox 50, Fender Bassman/ deluxe/ princeton/ twin, Supro Black Magick Reverb and many more. Jon has played in more every kind of rock band imaginable coming from the Bay Area of California. 
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