Music Teacher in Franklin, TN

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Guitar Instructor in Franklin, TN

Jon Jimmerson is a guitar instructor in Franklin, TN. He also owns Franklin Marketing Co. which is a marketing agency that specializes in small business to mid size business marketing. Jon is a guitar guitar also that has a passion for instructing adults and kids on how to further their musical experience. He is very passionate about not only teaching guitar but also music as a whole. 

Music Teacher and Ukulele Teacher in Franklin, TN

Jon Jimmerson is also a ukulele teacher in Franklin, TN. Ukulele is one of the best instruments to start out playing. It's easier on the hands/ fingers and doesn't take as much pressure to push down on the strings. If you have tried to get lessons for your kids with other instruments you may know that guitar, piano, and drums have their learning curves as well as many other instruments. However, the ukulele is very easy to learn since the fingering and chords are much easier. 

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